Saving Energy Through Home Automation

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When the concept of an automated home became reality, the costs associated with it were relatively high. People only perceived these systems as time savers instead of money savers. In fact, home automation can save you time and money when you look at the bigger picture. Automation’s prices have dropped dramatically in the past few years, which gives homeowners a chance at employing these components in an energy-conserving manner (click here for more energy conserving options).


Household Thermostats


Manually turning the thermostat up or down throughout the day is a very archaic habit that can actually cost you money. The kids might turn the air conditioning on high when you’re out running errands, and the monthly energy bill skyrockets as a result. Look for smart thermostats that you can program with a digital feature. Program them at the thermostat itself or with an app on your smartphone. You can often lock in these values with a password in order to keep the temperatures at comfortable levels. If you forget to turn the thermostat up or down while you’re at work, the app gives you a chance to complete this energy-saving change very quickly from a remote location.


Lighting Factors


Leaving just one light on all day long is enough to drive your energy bill sky high. Automate your home to include the main lighting fixtures. Program the system to turn on or off at certain times of the day. If you might be late home from work, activate the lights at dusk so that the home appears occupied. You’ll have cost savings on your energy bill while protecting your home from any losses through potential robberies. Set a lighting fixture to illuminate on the home’s exterior during various parts of the night too. When questionable people are eyeing your home, any lights will deter them from trying to break in or compromise the structure in any way.


Embedded Sensors


There are countless sensors that can be added to your home that boost your automation factor even higher. Start out with a smart coffeepot. You can connect your smartphone to the coffeepot so that it can be activated or shut off with just the tap of a finger. You might be at work and the coffeepot is still controllable from afar. Some of the best sensors connect to your doors or windows. Pick specific areas for the sensors, such as a downstairs window or front door. If any sensors are triggered, your smartphone will instantly tell you the home’s status. You’ll save energy by shutting off the air conditioner when a sensor shows that a window is open.


Considering Your Household Observations


You won’t realize the extent of the automation’s energy savings unless you track it. Before you install the automated items, record the energy usage on your monthly bill. Keep a long-term record of subsequent bills and how low they drop. One automation device may not be enough for a remarkable savings. As a solution, invest in other automated choices in order to see the bill drop in a significant manner. Certain appliances, such as the air conditioner, will use more energy than others. Concentrate extra automation at the thermostat’s level, and you’ll see a better return on your investment. You’ll eventually drop your energy usage so low that the bill is almost negligible.


Many of today’s automated options can learn from your behaviors. Over time, the system might automatically alter the interior temperature based on previous settings, such as when you go to work or stay home on the weekend. Read over all of the instructions that come with your automated system. Each feature can save you money as time goes by.

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